Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 Keith & Sharon Drury

The short version:
We both continue teaching at Indiana Wesleyan University, have been married now for 42 years, we both are getting serious about bicycling as a hobby and our sons live the same place as last year.

The longer version:

Sharon continues to teach advanced leadership and organizational behavior in IWU’s doctoral program, and advises students who are writing their dissertations. She was awarded a trip to Prague, Czech Republic to present at an international leadership conference in November, and also saw beautiful architecture that escaped WWII wreckage, toured the largest ancient castle in the world, and observed the shift to capitalism since the "Velvet Revolution" in 1989. Back home, Sharon loves to hear the grandchildren say “Hi Grandma” across the atrium at church or just “sit in the grass and talk” at home. Hobbies include taking bike rides after work and longer ones on Saturday. College Wesleyan Church is still her favorite place for faith building and friendships (some since 1972). She is also learning how to Facebook ;-)

Keith continues to teach undergraduate students in practical ministry and Christian education where he is known for making students write 100-page “papers.” He rides his bike to school year round—even in the snow. Since his knees started running out of gas he has shifted his summer hobby from backpacking to bicycling and logged 2000 miles last summer on his new "Salsa Fargo" bike, half of that off-road. He still writes a weekly “Tuesday Column” for pastors. This past year he wrote a book with David to be called “Ageless Faith” which is a conversation (sometimes an argument) between the boomer and emerging generations. The book is coming out mext month and is designed to trigger similar conversations among the generations in local churches to bring the generations together. Oh, yeah, a few weeks ago he fell off the roof while blowing leaves out of the gutters but only spent a week on crutches.

We still live a few blocks from campus and attend College Church here in Marion. For spring break last year we went to Bermuda and rode scooters for a week. We both like bicycling and rode Michigan's White Pine Trail and last summer we together rode the C&O Canal towpath and the Great Alleghany Passage from Washington DC to Pittsburg. Sharon likes bicycling—especially when she can stay in B&Bs.

David continues as Executive Pastor of College Church in Marion and his wife Kathy manages the home and three children. John is in the final stages of his dissertation in theology at Princeton where his wife, Amanda is also a PhD student in CE/Youth Ministries, and they are raising their son, Sam. To our surprise and delight, John got a teaching job starting next summer in IWU’s new Seminary, so next year both our sons will live nearby—something we never expected would happen since they are both ministers. (Maybe Keith can get one of them to blow leaves out of the gutters next year!)

Merry Christmas to all!

Keith & Sharon Drury
4637 S Wigger Street
Marion, IN 46953

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  1. I am prepared for 2010 gutter-duty. John should do 2011.